Music, fashion photography, and the life of a 23 year old boy named Clay Crocket.

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It’s An Odd Thing When…

You slowly watch someone else in pain. They are close enough for you to see it, but also not close enough to listen when you offer help. It’s especially heart breaking, when you can see their conflicting emotions, and when they won’t let themselves heal or evolve beyond. A mistake becomes an irrevocable act, and their very existence becomes a purgatory of sorts, that only they alone can release themselves from, yet they don’t know how to be free of. I see you struggle, I hear you cry, and I know a way around those walls that you build to hide yourself away. I only wish you knew how pick yourself up when you stumble, and forgive yourself for doing so.

I Like When…

Winter comes. It brings with it a sense of calm and quiet, that I rarely get to enjoy to its’ fullest extent. I listen to a lot more jazz admittedly, and lose myself as heavily as I can in the somber tones of the keys and in the ever shorter days. I’m excited for the cold to be upon us soon, once more.

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